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Awkward Face Shows:Every Saturday starting at 8pm & 9pm

Comedy improv fun and laughs for you with Pan Theater’s Awkward Face troupe. AF performers play Whose line is it style theater games to create laughs, fun and excitement. Audience members provide lines, locations, and other elements and Awkward Face performers create the rest. All completely improvised on the spot and each show is never to be repeated. If you want laughs and edge of the seat excitement this is the not to be missed comedy improv show at Pan.

Awkward Face

Short Form Improv VIDEO

Short scenes and theater games presented separately. Audience members help povide starting ideas for each piece. The pieces revolve around a game or rule (think Whose Line is it?).

Awkward Face is Pan Theater's premiere performance troupe, performing two unique shows, every Saturday night. These shows are an event that can never be repeated, derived from an audience suggestion, and taking you on journey to places you can't imagine. Awkward Face creates completely improvised moments of high comedy, low comedy, drama and excitement. Have some fun with Awkward Face.

Have you ever heard Dramaedy”?

Tickets $5 at  Door.

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