ou and your friends head out for a night on the town, or you and your date want to laugh and have a relaxing evening out...either way -you want something different to do before getting dinner or going to get drinks.  

Blondie is playing before the show…the lights go down and back up….Imagine a blank stage, a group of performers with no script and no preconceived story lines….greet the audience. One steps forward and asks the audience for a theme such as love, travel, hope… You shout out: _______________.   



You decide to try Broadway- Broadway in Oakland. You take BART to Pan Theater. You find Pan tucked away, hidden almost underground.  We like it that way. It’s a small theater with a bare stage and simple lights…performers nervously standing ready on stage for the show to begin.

Two performers step out and start performing a scene they make up on the spot. Two long lost lovers meet at Starbucks….

They discuss the weather and how they prefer the local indie coffee shops- all the while moving closer and closer….will they connect? At moments you’re laughing at other moments you’re reminded of similar situations you’ve been in and you are rooting for two to connect.

Two more performers cross the stage and start a new scene at the local indie coffee shop while the previous performers step to the sides. The new scene takes a word from the previous scene and a brand new, never before scene of theater is created. Both characters were history buffs and dream about the good old days before the internet – while checking their cell phones…A new performer walks up front and does a riveting monologue about why he needs his coffee before going to the coal mines…...  

Short Form Improv:

Short scenes and theater games presented separately. Audience members help povide starting ideas for each piece. The pieces revolve around a game or rule (think Whose Line is it?).

Long Form Improv:

A series of scenes continued without interruption. Sets revolve around a format that may explore location, character or theme. Long form formats create an improvised play.

The Montage

Awkward Face actors perform a series of games, monologues and scenes is connected around an audience suggested theme.  Characters may or may not be brought back. The set can include: games, monologues, and just about anything possible in the improv world. The goal is to explore the themes.  

The Harold

Performers take a single suggestion and explore the theme it inspires. The typical set will have three sets of  reoccurring characters. The piece is presented in three reoccurring beats of three scenes. The main characters are brought back and the theme of their scenes are intensified. The scenes can either merge ending in one single scene, or the individual stories will resolve. The beginning of the set starts with a group game or series of monologues. Each beat of the set is reconnected to the group by a group game that reunites the entire cast.

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