Pan Theater is an Oakland, California based improv troupe focusing on scene work and long form improvisational theater. We offer improv shows and improv acting classes. We perform in Oakland at 2135 Broadway. Pan's Awkward Face perform weekly. We are one block from BART for those coming from San Francisco, or other parts of the Bay Area.  

Pan Theater was founded in February of 2002. Depending on who you ask, “Pan” refers to either "Pick a Name Theater" or Pan, the Greek god of goatherds and shepherds. Pan Theater slowly evolved to a core group of improvisers. We began our rehearsals and shows at the 21 Grand Performance Space and Art Gallery in downtown Oakland. During 2003 we leased a fulltime rehearsal space and began plans for adding additional performing troupes.

2004 brought the addition of a second performing troupe and regular performances at the Blue Bear Theater in San Francisco and at the EGYPT performance space in Oakland. During 2007 we moved to our new rehearsal space and our East Bay performance space. From 2007 to 2009 we focused on growing our main troupe: Awkward Face, and in 2010 Pan started the process of developing additional ongoing improv troupes. Pan Theater has sponsored Bay Area performances by: Oui Be Negroes, Irish Mutts, Harvard's Immediate Gratification Players, the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company, Five Play, Shades of Grey and various other improv troupes.

Pan Theater has given improv workshops for: the Northern California Screen Actors Guild (SAG), IGP from Harvard, and various other local and national groups. And Intel, Wells Fargo Asset Management,  the Drew School, Chemdel, East Bay Academy.


David Alger

Pan Theater           

2135 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612

One block from SF BART 19th station

Only 15 minutes from downtown San Francisco!!

Call 415-724-2433



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Pan Theater: 2135 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612   Call: 415-724-2433

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