Workshops and Interview

with Improv Guru: David Razowsky

The Improv Studio: Jan 14th Friday 8pm

The Razowsky Improv Workshops: Jan 15th, 16th

David Razowsky is the respected teacher and former artistic director of the Second City Los Angeles, and, as an actor, has written and performed in ten Second City Chicago revues. During his tenure as a performer at Second City he worked with Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Jeff Garlin, and Amy Sedaris, among others. David directed Second City Chicago Mainstage’s No, Seriously, We’re All Gonna Die, Second City LA’s, Encino Evil, The Second City Untitled Project, The Second City Detroit's acclaimed 19th Nervous Breakdown, and The Second City National Touring Company.

Pan Improv Classses:
Try improv in the Pan Style. Two hour drop in classes in July. Intro to Improv at Pan Theater for more classs info class visit:

Pan’s Auditions

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One hour of non-stop fun. This is our performance class without rules. Performers get on stage with only a time limit and an agreement to play. Teams take to the stage, get an audience inspired idea or theme and improvise for 15 to 20 minute......s.... ...Prior experience NOT required. Get the chance to improv with members of Pan’s Awkward Face and Afters improv troupes. Learn from more experienced improvisors and get the chance to play with Pan players.


You’ll laugh, have fun and make new friends. This free class provides a great chance to try improv, or to get some extra improv practice.

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March 18th and 19th

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July 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th ,

Intro to Improv

Every Tuesday at 8pm

Theater Games Class

Improv from the heart

Takes your acting skills and talent to a new place. You’ll learn to listen fully and respond truthfully on stage. This is an improv class for those serious about acting.

Starts soon!

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Next class starts September 9th 2012 Sunday nights.

Mondays 8pm to 10pm starting: 8/27 | 16 spots

Mondays 8pm to 10pm starting: 10/15 | 16 spots

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